Golden Century Inc, Manufacturers of Fine Jewelry Since 1985.

Since 1985, Golden Century has been a unique presence in the jewelry industry with fine casting services and various lines of mountings. We work only with the finest artisans that have a burning passion for what they do best; creating fine jewelry. Golden Century is unique in that not only is it a casting company, it is also a designing and manufacturing company. Although casting is the heart of what Golden Century is known for, it has many other departments that can start and finish your jewelry and everything in between.

Our CAD/CAM & Development department has a combination of old school jewelers, along with new age computer engineers. Combining hand model makers with keyboard and mouse wielding jewelry engineers, we work on a proven and true foundation while practicing the most state of the art techniques and tools. We 3D print our designs using the best 3D prtiner in the industry: Envisiontec’s Light Manufacturing System. This 3D printer allows us to print at the finest microns (up to 15), even when 35 microns is more than enough for fine jewelry. Our network of designers boasts over two centuries of experience, some of which carry the Master Jeweler Certification which they completed in Europe. Bring us your designs and we will engineer them to your satisfaction.

Our casting department has been servicing the fine jewelry industry for over four decades. The lengthy experience has taught us to analyze every wax or resin that is given to us and individualize every wax to its proper technique of casting. We use state-of-the-art equipment while applying ancient tested and true techniques the industry has been using since the Victorian Era, to bring you the top quality casting you require.

We have setters and polishers on site to complete your pieces that come from our CAD/CAM and casting department if you choose so. The convenience of opening a package, taking your piece out and handing it to your customer, and collecting your money is a convenience that is rare in this industry. Golden Century has been manufacturing for many big name companies one would find in big malls and in high lifestyle magazines.

At Golden Century, we make it our company’s mission to bring you great quality casting and designs. We are passionate about creating fine jewelry and would love the opportunity to work with you to create truly unique, beautiful pieces of fine jewelry. With our state-of-the-art machinery and over a century of combined experience, we are confident we can rise up to your standards. If there is anything off the site that you would like to request, we would be more than happy to accommodate your needs. Welcome to Golden Century, we look forward to working with you!

Kind Regards,
Jacob Yoon
Director of Operations